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Actually, recently Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff and Bollywood’s bold actress Disha Patani have had a breakup. Since then, the fans of both the celebrities were not looking very happy and were not ready to accept the fancy that something like this could happen.

Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are dating each other for the last 6 years but finally, both have a breakup. Recently, a video of Disha Patani is becoming quite viral in which she is seen distributing laddoos.

Her fans are speculating that she is very happy after her breakup with Tiger Shroff and that is why she is distributing laddoos. But we would like to dispel such rumours.

Reason for distributing Disha Patni’s laddoos

Disha Patani’s Ek Villain Returns film has just arrived, although’ Ek Villain Returns’ did not get such good reviews but still got a mixed response. In his happiness, Disha Patani is distributing laddoos.

Fans think that Disha Patani is distributing laddoos after breaking up with Tiger Shroff but it is not the case.

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Disha Patani’s Ek Villain Villain movie returns

Yes, Ek Villain Returns has been released in theatres on 29 July 2022 in cinemas across the world. And this film is a sequel to the 2014 film ‘Ek Villain‘ starring Shraddha Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra.

The film ‘Ek Villain’ earned a lot in 2014 and became one of the biggest hits of the year. Now it remains to be seen how much’ Ek Villain Returns’ can do at the box office.

Ek Villain Returns Box Office Collection

Talking about the ‘Ek Villain Returns’ film box office collection, the film collected 7 crores on the first day. But the film has not collected as much as expected. Now it remains to be seen whether the film succeeds in earning more or not.

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Why did Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani break up?

We would like to tell you that the reason behind the breakup of Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani was not known earlier. But yesterday it was revealed by a special friend of this beautiful couple that Disha Patani wanted to marry Tiger Shroff.

Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani
Image Credit: Google

Disha also talked to Tiger about this many times but Tiger Shroff used to avoid this thing every time. You may remember that Jackie Shroff also said in the interview that he is in no hurry to get his son married, let him focus on his career for the time being.

Now even on the break of Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff, Jackie Shroff said that they are just friends and if he thinks anything beyond that, then it is both of them.

Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff will come together again

Yes, right now there is only one question in everyone’s mind and especially Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff’s fans have the same thing in mind that Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff can come back. Because it has happened once before that the news of the breakup of both of them had come but both of them had again together.

Hence the fans of both are hoping that Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani can come together again. What do you think about this, you can tell us in the comment box.

Upcoming movies of Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani

The list of upcoming films by ‘Disha Patani’ is very long, recently her ‘Ek Villain Returns’ was released on July 29. Apart from this, his ‘Yodha’ and ‘KTina’ is about to come. Next year in 2023, his Project K film is going to come.

Talking about Tiger Shroff, the name of his upcoming film is ‘Ganpat’, apart from this the teaser of his film ‘Screw Dheela’ has also been released.

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