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Hello friends, in today’s article we will talk about One of the Highest Paid actors in the Hollywood Industry and Film Producer Tom Cruise’s film budget, collection, release date and verdict on all movies.

If you want to know the budget, collection, verdict and release date of all the movies of actor Tom Cruise, then definitely read this article till the end.

Tom Cruise All Movies Verdict 2022
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Tom Cruise All Movies Verdict 2022

  • Total Movies of Tom Cruise (as Actor & Producer) – 54
  • All Time Blockbuster (ATBB) – 2
  • Blockbuster Movies -11
  • Super Hit Movies – 18
  • Hit Movies – 11
  • Average Movies – 5
  • Flop Movies – 5
S.NoMovie Name ReleaseBudgetCollectionVerdict
1Endless Love1981$12M$32MHit
3The Outsiders1983$10M$33MHit
4Losin’ it1983$7M$1MFlop
5Risky Business1983$6M$63MSuper Hit
6All the Right Moves1983$5M$17MAverage
8Top Gun1986$15M$357MBlockbuster
9The Color of Money1986$14M$52MHit
11Rain Man1988$25M$354MBlockbuster
12Born on the Fourth of July1989$17M$162MSuper Hit
13Days of Thunder1990$60M$157MSuper Hit
14Far and Away1992$60M$137MSuper Hit
15A Few Good Men 1992$33M$243MBlockbuster
16The Firm1993$42M$270MBlockbuster
17Interview with the Vampire1994$60M$223MSuper Hit
18Mission: Impossible1996$80M$457MBlockbuster
19Jerry Maguire1996$50M$273MSuper Hit
20Without Limit1998$25M$77MHit
21Eyes Wide Shut1999$65M$162MSuper Hit
23Mission: Impossible 22000$125M$546MBlockbuster
24The Others2001$17M$209MSuper Hit
25Stanley Kubrick2001$45M$136MHit
26Vanilla Sky2001$68M$203MHit
27Space Station 3D2002$23M$127MHit
28Minority Report2002$102M$358MSuper Hit
29Astin Powers in Goldmember2002$63M$296MSuper Hit
31Shattered Glass2003$6M$2MFlop
32The Last Samurai2003$140M$456MBlockbuster
34War of the Worlds2005$132M$603MBlockbuster
36Ask the Dust2006$14M$5MFlop
37Mission: Impossible 32006$150M$398MSuper Hit
38Lions for Lambs2007$35M$63MAverage
39Tropic Thunder2008$92M$195MSuper Hit
40Valkyrie2008$75M$201MSuper Hit
41Knight & Day2010$117M$262MSuper Hit
42Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol2011$145M$694Blockbuster
43Rock of Ages2012$75M$59MFlop
44Jack Reacher2012$60M$218MSuper Hit
45Oblivion2013$120M$287MSuper Hit
46Edge of Tomorrow2014$178M$370MSuper Hit
47Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation2015$150M$682MBlockbuster
48Jack Reacher: Never Go Back2016$65M$162MHit
49The Mummy2017$125M$410MSuper Hit
50American Made2017$50M$134MHit
51Mission Impossible: Fallout2018$178M$791MATBB
52Top Gun: Maverick2022$170M$1.43BATBB
53Mission: Impossible Part 12023$290M—-—-
54Mission: Impossible Part 22024—-—-—-

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Q.1 How many movies has Tom Cruise acted on the date?

Ans – American actor Tom Cruise has appeared in 54 films as an actor and producer since 1981.

Q.2 How many all-time blockbuster films has Tom Cruise given in his film career?

Ans – Tom Cruise has given 2 all-time blockbusters in his career, namely Mission Impossible: Fallout and Top Gun: Maverick.

Q.3 How many blockbuster movies has Tom Cruise given in his career to date?

Ans – 11

Q.4 How many flops has Tom Cruise given to date?

Ans – 5

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