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Hello friends, today we will talk about the verdict of all the films of India’s greatest director SS Rajamouli and know how many films have been made by SS Rajamouli till now and how many of them have become hits.

It is SS Rajamouli who directed Baahubali Part 1 and Baahubali Part 2, which he became famous all over India. Fans go to watch movies for their favourite actors but SS Rajamouli has changed all that now people wait so eagerly for SS Rajamouli’s film, no matter who is the actor in his film.

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Today we will talk about one such great director, who has not given a single flop film in his entire film career. Yes, it will sound a bit strange but it is absolutely true that SS Rajamouli has not given any flop film in his entire career to date.

S.S Rajamouli’s Career

SS Rajamouli started his career with Student No 1 movie in 2001 and after that, he has now directed the latest film RRR. In these 21 years, SS Rajamouli made only 12 films out of which all his films were hit, superhit, blockbuster and all-time blockbusters. SS Rajamouli made his first film on a budget of only Rs 1.8 Crores and he made his latest film RRR film Rs 550 Crores.

S.S Rajamouli All Movies Verdict 2022

So today we will know about S.S Rajamouli All Movies Verdict 2022.

1Student No 12001Rs 1.8 CrRs 12.10 CrSuper Hit
2Simhadri2003Rs 8 CrRs 46.12 CrBlockbuster
3Sye2004Rs 8 CrRs 13.5 CrHit
4Chhatrapathi2005Rs 8 CrRs 23.85 CrSuper Hit
5Vikramarkudu2006Rs 11 CrRs 25 CrSuper Hit
6Yamadonga2007Rs 20 CrRs 30 CrSuper Hit
7Magadheera2009Rs 35 CrRs 150 CrBlockbuster
8Maryada Ramanna2010Rs 14 CrRs 29 CrSuper Hit
9Eega2012Rs 26 CrRs 138 CrBlockbuster
10Baahubali: 12016Rs 180 CrRs 650 CrATBB
11Baahubali: 22017Rs 250 CrRs 1810 CrATBB
12RRR2022Rs 550 CrRs 1200 CrBlockbuster

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RRR at Oscars 2023

SS Rajamouli is known for his creativity, VFX effects and his brilliant direction in his films. His latest film, RRR, is expected to go to the Oscars in 2023. This film has received so much love from all over the world, hardly any Indian film has received so much respect at the world level before, this is a big thing for our Indian cinema.

Q.1 How many films has SS Rajamouli made to date?

Ans – 12 Movies

Q.2 Has any film flop of S.S Rajamouli at the box office to date?

Ans – No, SS Rajamouli is a great director of India whose to date no film has proved to be a flop.

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