Technoblade, the creator of Minecraft, dies of cancer at the age of 23

There is a very sad news that YouTube's top creator Technoblade, who used to make Minecraft Let's-Play videos, has passed away.

Technoblade's family told that he had cancer for a year and he died today at the young age of 23 while fighting cancer.

In a video on Technoblade's YouTube channel, his father revealed that his son had died. "He was the most wonderful child anyone could ever ask for," said his father. "I miss Technoblade."

"In honor of his memory, a portion of proceeds from all online orders will be donated to an amazing organization called," said a message on Technoblade's online store.

Let us tell you that Technoblade has 10.8 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. If one reads Technoblade's YouTube bio, it reads - "I play video games a lot. I may not be the best, but my elbows are hot,"

Technoblade had earned all this by his hard work and was battling stage four cancer since last year. But never complained about this.

Technoblade's father told that his son had written his last message for his fans 8 hours before his death. He did what his fans liked.

TechnoBlade was first diagnosed with cancer in August last year. In July last year, he had a pain in his hand, so he thought that it must have been due to gaming.

But TechnoBlade later realized that his shoulder had also swelled and felt like he had broken a bone, and was later diagnosed with cancer.

We mourn the passing of Technoblade at such a young age and pray for his soul to rest in peace.

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