Popstars Olivia Rodrigo and Jack Bia are dating

Olivia Rodrigo left her ex-boyfriend Adam Feige 7 months ago and is now moving towards a sweet new relationship.

According to the information received from the source, Olivia Rodrigo is now dating Jack Bea and both of them like each other.

Let us tell you that pop star Olivia Rodrigo is 19 years old and music executive Jack Bia is 26 years old.

When Zack Bia and Kline were seen having dinner in Santa Monica, Calif., the two said "we weren't dating," but "hang out all the time"

Rodrigo never confirmed her relationship with FaZe, but Rodrigo said she was "very happy now" when she wrote the songs for her hit debut album Sour.

With the release of Rodrigo's hit debut single "Driver's License", speculations were rife that the song was inspired by a broken heart and the end of a relationship.

"I'm just constantly learning and growing up so fast," Rodrigo said recently - "I'm writing songs and I'm really happy.

Rodrigo was nominated for 7 Grammy Awards at this year's Oscar ceremony, out of which Rodrigo managed to win 3 Grammy Awards.

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