Miss Peru 2022: Alessia Rovegno wins Miss Peru pageant

The most awaited day arrived when the Grand Finale of Miss Peru 2022 was held on 14th June and Miss Peru could be revealed.

Alessia Rovegno (Winner - Miss Peru Universe 2022), Tatiana Calmel (Miss Peru International), Valeria Florez (Miss Latina Universal)

The Miss Peru 2022 contest started with 10 candidates. But participant Liseth Guevara left the competition, thus the competition continued in 9 candidates.

Grand Finals of Miss Peru 2022 contest between 6 contestants Tatiana Calmel, Alessia Rovegno, Delin Arroyo, Mariari Morano, Mei Azo, Valeria Florez

In the Miss Peru 2022 contest, the candidates had to travel a long way and the current Miss Peru, Yeli Rivera, could not even make it to the top 16.

Candidate Alessia Rovegno has also faced criticism for winning the Miss Peru 2022 pageant as some entertainment celebrities are facing allegations of bias.

The Miss Peru organization - led by Jessica Newton - will hold an event to be crowned Miss Peru 2022 after several weeks of competition.

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