Lady Gaga gives Michael Polanski an ultimatum to propose or break up

Yes, the famous singer Lady Gaga is now completely desperate to become Mrs Gaga.

This is the reason Lady Gaga has given her boyfriend Michael Polanski an open ultimatum to propose or break up.

Let me tell you that even before this, Singer Lady Gaga has been engaged twice, unfortunate both failed.

Now Lady Gaga and Polanski have been dating each other for two years and now Lady Gaga wants to get engaged as soon as possible.

Lady Gaga has said that either get engaged as soon as possible or I will have to think again about our relationship.

Even before this, according to Life and Style in 2018, Jennifer Lopez also gave an ultimatum to Alex Rodriguez.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have also dated each other before and Bradley left Lady Gaga.

Now let's see what her boyfriend Michael Polansky does on Lady Gaga's Ultimatum.

Will Michael Polanski and he get married after Lady Gaga's ultimatum or will Lady Gaga be heartbroken again

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