Know all about Bradley Cooper's girlfriends here

By the way, Bradley Cooper has always been in the discussion about his relationship. Today we will tell about all his former girlfriends.

If we talk more recently, according to Page Six, Bradley Cooper is dating political colleague Huma Abedin.

Bradley Cooper first dated actress Jennifer Esposito in the year 2006 and the two also got married.

But Cooper and Jennifer Esposito's marriage lasted only 4 months and Esposito demanded a divorce.

After Jennifer Esposito, Bradley Cooper started dating Renee Zellweger in 2009. The two also bought a house worth $4.7 million.

After this, there was news of Bradley Cooper and actress Olivia Wilde dating, but this thing cannot be said to be confirmed.

This was followed by the news of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez dating in 2011, both of whom were seen on a dinner date in New York City.

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana were also dating each other in 2011 but due to some reason, the relationship ended in 4 months.

After this, in 2013, Bradley Cooper dated UK model-actress Suki Waterhouse who was 17 years younger than Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper began his relationship with model Irina Shayk in 2015 and the couple had a child together in 2017. But this relationship also ended in 2019.

Lady Gaga is also said to be the reason behind Bradley Cooper and model Irina Shayk's breakup because Bradley Cooper had become very close to Lady Gaga.

Bradley Cooper and Dianna Agron were also in a relationship, it was now revealed that Bradley Cooper's relationship with Abedin was revealed.

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