Justin Bieber's grandmother Kathy Bieber narrowly survived in accident

Recently, Justin Bieber is fighting paralysis of his face due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome, he gave information about it through an Instagram video.

But the sadness in the Bieber family is not over yet as Justin's step-grandmother has narrowly escaped a fatal car accident.

It is not known when this whole incident happened, but now on July 2, a Facebook page shared the picture of the accident.

According to TMZ reports, the entire accident took place in Ontario. Brandon Steven, a distant relative of Justin Bieber's grandmother, was also with him.

Justin Bieber's grandmother, Kathy Bieber, went up in flames in a red convertible. It was just horrifying to see.

Justin is the stepmother of Bieber's father and according to that she is the step-grandmother of Justin. But there is no information about the close relationship between Justin and his grandmother.

Because neither Justin Bieber nor his grandmother Kathy Bieber gave information about this whole accident. The reassuring news is that Justin's grandmother has narrowly survived.

Brandon Steven, a distant relative of Hastin's grandmother, reported that "we were at a dead stop as a car was turning leaving two cars in front of us. Then a distracted driver rear-ended us, they say he had to do 70"

Brandon Steven continued - "It was not good that my grandmother had to get out of the car. It could have been worse if we were there even for 5 seconds because the doors were locked."

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