Eric Cannon announces wrestling event at Mall of America

Talking about the fame of Mall of America, hosted the premiere episode of WCW Nitro on September 4, 1995.

Now if the news is to be believed, Wrestling has now announced to do its program in Mall of America.

The Mall of America will host F1RST Wrestling's event called Saturday Night Nitro and will take place on September 10.

Mall of America announced on its official Twitter account in September 2021 that the mall was ready to host an episode of AEW Dynamite.

Let us tell you that the Mall of America will be the first pro wrestling event since the premiere edition of WCW Nitro which took place on September 4, 1995.

Powell said that a plan was made to run the MoA on the occasion of Nitro's 25th anniversary in 2020, but it was changed due to the Corona epidemic.

Lex Luger had talked about WWE coming to WCW on an official basis, and he also wrestled the night before at the WWE Live event.

The Mall of America wrestling event has been officially announced by Eric Cannon and will be named Saturday Night Nitro.

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