Bruce Willis accuses Randall Emmett of forcing him to work

"My client continued to work after his medical diagnosis because he wanted to work and was able to do so," said Martin Singer, Bruce Willis's attorney.

Martin Singer, Bruce Willis's lawyer, said that producer Randall Emmett continued working after becoming aware of Bruce Willis's ill health.

Let us tell you that Willis and Randall Emmett have worked together in films like '16 Blocks', 'Fire with Ice', 'Acts of Violence', 'Vice' and 'Out of Death'.

Emmett posted a picture with Bruce on his Instagram, writing - "Bruce and I have worked in over 20 movies together. He is a fantastic actor and great action star, an incredible father and a close friend."

Emmett said: "I am and will be with Bruce and his family during this challenging time and I fully support them."

Producer Randall Emmett denied all of Bruce Willis's allegations and said that if Bruce didn't want to come on set, he wouldn't have come there and would always be a great actor.

Producer Randall Emmett further said that Willis is such a great actor that even today, big production companies are ready to contract him.

Producer Randall Emmett further said that Willis has always been a close friend of mine and a part of my family and I will always be a part of his family.

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