American TV host Steve Harvey shocked everyone by praising his wife

Yes, right now on July 6, a video which is 30 seconds in which Steve Harvey is praising his wife Marjorie very much.

This 30-second video is becoming quite viral, Steve Harvey is talking about going on a night out with his wife Marjorie.

In this video, Steve Harvey was stunned by his wife Majorie's outfit with studded earrings and a black blazer with gold heels.

Currently, Invest Fest 2022 will take place in Atlanta from August 5 to 7 with tickets starting at $249.

Talking about Invest Fest 2022, Harvey said that we should start investing in ourselves.

Let us tell you that Steve Harvey and Marjorie have been married for 15 years and still their craze in their fans remains intact.

Fans of both are tweeting that Steve Harvey's fashion sense has also improved a lot after marrying Marjorie.

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