A former worker accuses famous singer Shakira of being 'bossy'

You must be aware that recently Shakira and Gerard Piqué separated after living for 12 years.

After separating from Shakira, football player Gerard Piqué was also seen to be very upset.

But now a former employee has made a shocking revelation that no one wants to work with Shakira.

Pop star Shakira and FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique split after Pique was accused of seeing another woman.

Now a former employee, Christina Cardenas, has shed light on Shakira's rude behavior.

Former employee Christina Cárdenas told MARCA that Shakira used to forbid everyone she worked with to take pictures of her.

Christina Cardenas told that the shot which should take just 4 hours to do, Shakira does it in 17 hours.

This bossy behavior of Shakira frustrates the producers, directors and hence no one wants to work with her.

Christina Cardenas continued - "Shakira is a crazy person, you can't even look her in the eye, and if you take your cell phone to her, she demands."

Christina Cardenas said about Shakira that she considers herself the boss and does not allow anyone to dominate her.

Popstar Shakira has yet to respond to any of Christina Cardenas' allegations.

Popstar Shakira and Gerard Pique are parents to two children, Milan and Sasha, and unfortunately they are separated at this time.

According to MARCA, popstar Shakira wants to move her two kids to Miami while Pique wants to keep her kids in Spain.

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