72-year-old actor Ron Perlman ties the knot with Allison Dunbar

Actor Ron Perlman, 72, has married his "Startup" co-star Alison Dunbar in Bernalda, southern Italy.

Actress Allison Dunbar, 49, wore a short, white lace wedding dress to her wedding and shared a photo of it on her Instagram.

Her husband Ron Perlman was wearing a black suit, blue shirt and a gold tie for his wedding, in which he looked quite young.

Sharing the photo on her Instagram, actress Allison wrote in the caption - "A crevice before it was a thing. Thanks Sydney and Dallas for hunting my dream"

In response, Allison's husband Ron commented on her post, writing - "Spring has ended Spring!!!"

Let us tell you that Ron Perlman married his first wife Opal Stone in 1981 and both of them got divorced in 2019, because Ron was to marry Allison.

After the divorce of Ron Perlman and his wife Opal Stone, Opel got a Los Angeles home and a leased Mercedes-Benz, and Ron got a leased Tesla.

Ron Perlman will also have to pay $12,500 a month to support his wife, Opal Stone, plus 20% of their annual income.

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